Paying for Cures research

The FoCUS consortium has been working since 2016 to identify challenges and design solutions for financing innovative cell and gene therapies, involving the perspectives of diverse system stakeholders.

Research and implementation briefs

Implementation Brief: Access considerations for innovative treatments

Implementation Brief: Key terms for payment innovation

Implementation Brief: Considerations for developers in applying the Multiple Best Price (MBP) rule to improve access to novel therapies

Implementation Brief: Understanding access issues for new therapies

Emerging market solutions for financing and reimbursement of gene therapies for sickle cell disease: Why do payment innovation?

Analyzing 340B and ASP interactions: Do Federal program rules disincentivize the use of VBCs, despite Medicaid Best Price reform?

Are Cell and Gene Therapy programs a better bet?

How can self-insured employers prepare for the portfolio impact of high-cost gene therapies coming to market?

Payer perspectives on outcomes tracking for value-based payment arrangements

The resource navigation challenges for patients and caregivers

Updated projection of US durable cell and gene therapies product-indication approvals

Federal Communication Guidelines

Financing Challenges for Solid-Tumor T-Cell Therapies

SYLK Medicaid Review

Expedited Insurance

Payer Perspectives Survey

Pediatric Gene Therapy Launches

Patient-Caregiver Financial Themes

Medicaid Best Price

Clinical trials and investment trends for novel CAR-T and TCR therapies

Model Contracts for Innovative Oncology Therapies

Role of COE networks in curative cellular oncology therapies

Stop-Loss Insurance or Reinsurance for Multiyear Contracts

Impact of Patient Mobility on Annuity/Performance-Based Contracting

Orphan Reinsurer Benefit Managers (ORBMs)

Impact of Actuarial Risk on Health Plans

Designing Precision Financing for Cures

Payer Segmentation for Precision Financing

Financing Mechanisms Payer Survey