Our approach to innovation

NEWDIGS takes a systems approach to achieving its mission. Key elements of our methodology include:

  • Engaging multi-stakeholder collaborators in our design process in order to develop an integrating systems view of our solutions and implementation enablers.
  • Applying end-user design processes in order to ensure that our solutions are practical and “fit-for-purpose” for all who are necessary for successful adoption and scaling.
  • Maintaining a safe haven environment for productive pre-competitive collaboration. Success drivers include use of the Chatham House rule, clear guidelines to ensure compliance with antitrust rules, and the active role of Tufts Medical Center’s Center for Biomedical System Design as the neutral intermediary and steward of innovation processes.
  • Leveraging a participatory model of work that combines distributed team-based activities and biannual Design Labs for convening and facilitating multi-stakeholder collaboration working sessions.

We augment our consortium-based work through research and educational activities.