Work with CBSD

Our mission is to improve outcomes by accelerating appropriate and timely patient access to biomedical products in ways that work for all stakeholders.

CBSD offers a range of opportunities for engagement centered around this mission:

  • NEWDIGS Consortium is a multi-stakeholder “think & do” tank for biomedical innovation that is dedicated to delivering more value faster to patients, in ways that work for all stakeholders. NEWDIGS catalyzes innovations that are too complex and cross-cutting to be addressed by a single organization or market sector. Our members include global leaders from patient advocacy, payer organizations, bio-pharmaceutical companies, regulatory agencies, clinical care, academic research, and investment firms. Membership is open now.
  • Research in CBSD provides rigorous qualitative and quantitative insights into mission-critical issues. Research topics can be chosen by the consortium, or through single or multiple sponsor organizations in a working group. We welcome the opportunity to discuss new sponsored research projects that align with our mission.
  • Education in CBSD helps participants tailor the application of our solutions, make sense of complex and dynamic marketplace trends, and anticipate emerging challenges in the system. Through interactive tools, webinars, policy briefings, conferences, speaking engagements, publications, and custom education options, we inform and catalyze adoption of system-level changes needed to improve outcomes for all stakeholders.
  • Job openings are occasionally available to join our team.