Real world applications

Putting system redesign concepts to work

We are committed to accelerating and amplifying the impact of NEWDIGS across the global biomedical innovation system.  Dissemination of our learnings through communications and toolkits are a first step. In addition, we are now exploring creative ways to leverage and scale our design methods to address urgent needs in biomedical and healthcare innovation that lie beyond the scope of our current NEWDIGS projects, such as:

  • Clinical Trial Design: Collaborating with the Tufts Clinical and Translational Science Institute through a train-the-trainer program to enhance capacity across the NIH’s national CTSA network to apply NEWDIGS methods to advance clinical trial designs.
  • Social Impact Investing: Working with mission-driven investors focused on venture-driven system change to enhance investment sustainability while also streamlining biomedical health system efficiencies.
  • Payment Innovation Pilots: Enabling the translation of payment innovation models from NEWDIGS into actionable pilots within a pre-competitive “micro-consortium” of implementation sites (e.g., self-insured employers or integrated delivery networks). 

For further information or to discuss an idea you may have, please contact us.