Emerging market solutions for financing and reimbursement of durable cell and gene therapies

Joseph KnoxFoCUS, Whitepapers

The FoCUS project was launched in 2016 with the aim of developing precision financing solutions that address the challenges and financial impact created by durable cell and gene therapies entering … Read More

Warranty Model: A potential precision financing solution for durable cell and gene therapies

Joseph KnoxFoCUS, Whitepapers

Durable cell and gene therapies are poised for rapid growth – potentially providing transformative benefits for patients and exacerbating financial challenges for payers, providers, patients, and therapeutic developers. With five … Read More

Tracking the CAR-T revolution: Analysis of clinical trials of CAR-T and TCR therapies for the treatment of cancer

Joseph KnoxFoCUS, Whitepapers

Chimeric antigen receptor and T-cell receptor (CAR-T/TCR) cellular immunotherapies have shown remarkable success in the treatment of some refractory B-cell malignancies, with potential to provide durable clinical response for other … Read More

Tools for Implementation of Precision Financing Solutions Within Medicaid Plans

enorman@mit.eduFoCUS, Whitepapers

Implementation of precision financing solutions is a challenge for state Medicaid payers given the complexity of the environment. This white paper provides example templates to support state Medicaid plans, manufacturers, and … Read More

Advancing Healthcare through Innovation and Collaboration

Joseph KnoxLEAPS, Whitepapers

NEWDIGS is an exciting and innovative approach to developing solutions for systemwide impediments to biomedical innovation and patient care. The noncompetitive, collaborative environment encourages novel and fresh ideas and interactions to … Read More

Payer Perspectives on Financing and Reimbursement of One-time High-cost Durable Treatments

Joseph KnoxFoCUS, Whitepapers

An online 15-question survey was conducted with clinical and financial health plan leaders from US payers between September 2018 and April 2019. The survey was focused on assessing payer perspectives … Read More

The Role of Stop-Loss Insurance and Reinsurance in Managing Performance-Based Agreements

Joseph KnoxFoCUS, Whitepapers

Over the last decade, rising healthcare costs and the availability of expensive new treatment options has led to a substantial increase in the number of patients with large insurance claims. … Read More

Precision Financing Solutions for Durable / Potentially Curative Therapies

enorman@mit.eduFoCUS, Whitepapers

The NEWDIGS FoCUS consortium of multiple stakeholders (payers, providers, patient advocacy organizations, pharmaceutical developers, academics and others) has been working collaboratively since 2016 to address the need for new, innovative … Read More

Designing financial solutions to ensure affordable access to cures

enorman@mit.eduFoCUS, Whitepapers

The reimbursement of emerging durable/potentially curative cell and gene therapies is likely to be a challenge for the US healthcare market. Considering the pricing of cell- and gene-based therapies approved … Read More

Catalyzing the Transformation of Healthcare Innovation


The expectations of the pharmaceutical industry are high. We look to the drug makers to find cures to our diseases, to relieve us from pain or discomfort, to ease the … Read More