welcome back

LEAPS Design Lab

June 15, 2022 at MIT

Welcome to our Design Lab on June 15—our first in-person event since the pandemic entered our lives! Working remotely has not slowed us down in LEAPS, so we have a lot to catch up on and consider as we plan our next steps. We are grateful to those of you who participated in our last (virtual) Design Lab (November 2021) and provided thoughtful feedback that helped us in the set up for this event.

We look forward to lively, productive discussions and—most importantly—reconnecting live with you. As always, we greatly appreciate your ongoing support and commitment. Your input will be critical for our success!

Design Lab objectives

  • Rejuvenate in-person working relationships
  • Align on LEAPS near-term objectives
  • Connect LEAPS working teams
  • Advance pilot concepts in immuno-oncology and lipids management
  • Consider launching immuno-oncology working teams to develop:
    • Outcomes/impact metrics
    • Predictive Outcomes Models fit-for-purpose criteria via cost simulations