LEAPS Monthly Recap: may 2020

Eric NormanLEAPS, News

Two exciting new confirmed developments

New Session: Real World Platform Strategies Through the Lens of a Pandemic

The ongoing pandemic has generated a flurry of innovation as numerous industry developers, academic centers, government agencies, hospitals and provider systems all start clinical trials (1,000+) of previously approved treatments, newly developed treatments, repurposed drugs, treatment combinations and vaccines. Yet lack of coordination threatens to undermine this response.

During our Virtual Design Lab, we will address the benefits of platform strategies for efficient and scalable real-world research designs through the lens of a global pandemic. We will examine how a master protocol/core protocol provides structure and efficiency to the research process so that we can both “learn (clinical research) and do (clinical practice)”.

Featured Panel Discussion: “Adaptive Reimbursement: Innovating for Patient Access & Better Outcomes for All”

An emerging collaboration between MIT NEWDIGS’s FoCUS and LEAPS projects, Adaptive Reimbursement was first introduced during the April FoCUS Design Lab. This collaboration will continue in the June LEAPS Design Lab with a panel that will explore current Adaptive Reimbursement examples, discuss developing future innovations, and describe approaches to overcome the significant implementation challenges.

Outputs from this panel will shape the vision and priorities for a new LEAPS Adaptive Reimbursement workstream to launch in Fall 2020.

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The LEAPS Virtual Design Lab will be held online June 9–10 by invitation only. If you are interested in attending the panel session, please contact easmall@mit.edu.

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