Broadly Engaged Team Science Comes to Life in a Design Lab

Eric NormanPublications

The objective of broadly engaged team science is to bring a diverse group of stakeholders into a project early and continue to include their expertise throughout to inform and propel projects to successful and impactful outcomes. Broadly engaged team science goes beyond standard definitions of stakeholder engagement, bringing experts from relevant fields together with patients and members of the public not simply to engage or provide feedback, but to work together as a transdisciplinary team, where traditional boundaries are transcended. In this chapter we discuss the aspects of broadly engaged team science that are being developed and applied to advance biomedical research using a systems-level approach. We highlight the Design Lab, a successful context and process for getting wide-ranging stakeholder input and ensuring that stakeholder needs provide a framework for health care researchers and developers. We describe the Design Lab’s methodology, its evolution, and where it has provided value.

Chapter in Broadly Engaged Team Science in Clinical and Translational Research