Improving Cardiovascular Outcomes Using Precision Reimbursement

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Improving Cardiovascular Outcomes Using Precision Reimbursement

The NEWDIGS Initiative at Tufts Medical Center and Family Heart Foundation invite you join us on Wednesday, December 7, 2022, from 12 pm-1 pm Eastern for an interactive learning session to explore how Precision Reimbursement strategies and tools could incentivize all stakeholders to work together to reduce ongoing clinical and incentive gaps that continue to hinder the drive to improve outcomes for ASCVD and other high-risk patients.

Precision Reimbursement strategies hold promise for lowering cost and improving patient access to treatment options across a spectrum of disease areas. Through incentive alignment for all stakeholders, we have the opportunity to realize success in lowering costs and improving access through innovative outcomes contracting tools.

While great strides have been made in addressing cardiovascular disease by managing risk factors, opportunities to improve patient outcomes exist for all stakeholders. High LDL cholesterol is a key modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Despite the availability of effective lipid lowering therapies, initiation and adherence to statins and newer therapeutic agents is low. Too few ASCVD and other high-risk patients are achieving LDL targets and remaining on therapy for the length of time needed to adequately manage their disease progression and reduce cardiovascular events.

Effective lipid management can continue to create significant improvements in mortality and morbidity for ASCVD and other high-risk patients, but we need to address two challenges simultaneously:

  • Identifying and minimizing the continuing lipid management clinical gaps
  • Recognizing and addressing the incentive gaps for stakeholder action, including those that can be addressed through Precision Reimbursement designs

Making substantial progress on these challenges needs coordinated action from all stakeholders – patients, providers, health systems, payers, and policy makers. How can we leverage Precision Reimbursement tools to address these incentive issues and facilitate timely and effective lipid management? How can we demonstrate and realize the value of better lipid management for cardiovascular disease outcomes?


  • Kick-off and Introductory Remarks: Mark Trusheim, Strategic Director, NEWDIGS Initiative at Tufts Medical Center
  • The Current State of Lipid Management: Cat Davis Ahmed, VP, Policy and Outreach and Kelly Myers, Chief Technology Officer, Family Heart Foundation
  • Precision Reimbursement Overview and Application: Mark Trusheim
  • Lipid Management Pilot Initiatives: Mark Cziraky, Vice President, Elevance Health & President, HealthCore, Inc.
  • Discussion and audience Q&A

Our goals

  1. Building awareness across the broader stakeholder community
  2. Increasing understanding of opportunities for addressing challenges
  3. Formation of collaborative activities to advance solutions

In this one hour webinar you will: 

  • Examine the current state of lipid management for ASCVD and other high-risk patients
  • Explore how Precision Reimbursement strategies and tools could incentivize all stakeholder groups to work together to improve outcomes
  • Discuss how some of these innovative methods are being implemented by organizations in the NEWDIGS Initiative’s collaborator community
Webinar highlights
Hosted by Tufts Medical Center NEWDIGS Initiative and Family Heart Foundation
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