LEAPS Monthly Recap: December 2021

Eric NormanLEAPS, News


LEAPS Design Lab advances pilot projects

At the November 30 and December 1 Design Lab participants shaped the designs for three pilots to launch in 2022.  

Two Precision Reimbursement pilots, one focused on Lipid Management and the other on NGS tumor profiling in Oncology, are entering deep implementation planning with payers in Q1 2022 which will expand rapidly to other stakeholders for mid- to late-2022 launches. They will focus on incentivizing both (1) better use of existing high-quality evidence, and (2) the production of new real-world evidence to further improve clinical regimens.

The new Predictive Outcomes Platform (POP) focused on developing a pilot based on a use case presented by MGH researchers in Immunotherapies in Oncology.

A panel discussion focused on “From Tracking to Predicting Outcomes: What if We Could in Immuno-Oncology” further developed the concepts to catalyze a POP pilot. The panelists (from BMS, Concert AI, Flatiron Health and Sarah Cannon) explored the potential value, feasibility, and design considerations of an oncology POP. They highlighted that the proposed platform should leverage diverse distributed data sets as well as federated evidence production/learning methods. They also highlighted the challenges to overcome to ensure data quality, highly credible evidence and patient as well as provider education needed to impact clinical care.

The POP pilot will begin in early 2022 with the Methods Innovation team recommending innovative approaches to integrating locally generated evidence rather than accessing distributed patient-level data. Additional teams are forming to develop platform infrastructure design/implementation and evidence gaps/opportunities in specific areas of immuno-oncology.

Pilot participants include multiple payer organizations and an expanding array of other key stakeholders. We look forward to welcoming additional participants in one or more of these pilots.  For further details, contact Eric (easmall@mit.edu).


The next LEAPS Design Lab will be held on June 15–16, 2022. By invitation only. 


Hans Georg Eichler and other NEWDIGS leaders published “Precision Reimbursement for Precision Medicine: Using Real-World Evidence to Evolve From Trial-and-Project to Track-and-Pay to Learn-and-Predict” in ASCPT’s Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics on October 30.