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Better Outcomes Tracking: A First Step In Improving Access To New Treatments Articles, Publications April 8, 2024
Emerging market solutions for financing and reimbursement of gene therapies for sickle cell disease: Why do payment innovation? Research Briefs February 28, 2024
Ask PAM: “How many?” January 11, 2024
Analyzing 340B and ASP interactions: Do Federal program rules disincentivize the use of VBCs, despite Medicaid Best Price reform? Research Briefs October 19, 2023
Are Cell and Gene Therapy programs a better bet? Research Briefs October 11, 2023
Medicaid best price reforms to enable innovative payment models for cell and gene therapies Publications December 29, 2022
How can self-insured employers prepare for the portfolio impact of highcost gene therapies coming to market? Research Briefs April 28, 2022
Data for modelling US projections of product approvals, patients treated, and product revenues for durable cell and gene therapies Publications February 11, 2022
Durable cell and gene therapy potential patient and financial impact: US projections of product approvals, patients treated, and product revenues Publications December 24, 2021
Tracking the CAR-T Revolution: Analysis of Clinical Trials of CAR-T and TCR-T Therapies for the Treatment of Cancer (1997–2020) Publications July 7, 2021
Emerging market solutions for financing and reimbursement of durable cell and gene therapies Whitepapers June 16, 2021
Payer perspectives on outcomes tracking for value-based payment arrangements (VBPs) Research Briefs March 25, 2021
The resource navigation challenges for patients and caregivers Research Briefs January 29, 2021
Warranty Model: A potential precision financing solution for durable cell and gene therapies Whitepapers October 30, 2020
Updated projection of US durable cell and gene therapies product-indication approvals based on December 2019 development pipeline Research Briefs July 29, 2020
Tracking the CAR-T revolution: Analysis of clinical trials of CAR-T and TCR therapies for the treatment of cancer Whitepapers June 25, 2020
Payer Perspectives on Gene Therapy Reimbursement Articles April 1, 2020
Impact of FDA Guidelines on Communication between Developers and Payers on Metrics in Performance-Based Agreements Research Briefs January 22, 2020
Payer Perspectives on Reimbursement of One-Time High-Cost Durable Therapies Articles January 9, 2020
Precision Financing challenges for solid tumor adoptive T-cell therapies Research Briefs December 19, 2019
Tools for Implementation of Precision Financing Solutions Within Medicaid Plans Whitepapers November 21, 2019
Payer Perspectives on Financing and Reimbursement of One-time High-cost Durable Treatments Whitepapers October 11, 2019
Tracking Medicaid Coverage of Durable Cell and Gene Therapies Research Briefs September 26, 2019
The Role of Stop-Loss Insurance and Reinsurance in Managing Performance-Based Agreements Whitepapers September 16, 2019
State Insurance Regulations Regarding Benefit Design (Deductible and Co-Pay Waivers) Research Briefs August 23, 2019
Payer Perspectives Survey Research Briefs June 26, 2019
Estimating the Clinical Pipeline of Cell and Gene Therapies and Their Potential Economic Impact on the US Healthcare System Articles June 1, 2019
Are Payers Ready, Willing, and Able to Provide Access to New Durable Gene Therapies? Articles June 1, 2019
Pediatric Gene Therapy Launches Research Briefs May 24, 2019
Patient & Caregiver Themes Survey Research Briefs March 21, 2019
Precision Financing of Durable, Potentially Curative Therapies Articles January 27, 2019
Precision Financing Solutions for Durable / Potentially Curative Therapies Whitepapers January 24, 2019
Incorporation of Value-Based Payment Agreements into the Calculation of Medicaid Drug Rebates Research Briefs January 24, 2019
Clinical trials and investment trends for novel CAR-T and TCR therapies Research Briefs December 21, 2018
Model Contracts for Innovative Oncology Therapies Research Briefs November 29, 2018
Alternative State-Level Financing for Hepatitis C Treatment—The “Netflix Model” Articles October 29, 2018
Role of COE networks in curative cellular oncology therapies Research Briefs September 21, 2018
Improving Management of Gene and Cell Therapies: The Orphan Reinsurer and Benefit Manager (ORBM) Articles September 10, 2018
Designing financial solutions to ensure affordable access to cures Whitepapers August 23, 2018
Stop-Loss Insurance or Reinsurance for Multiyear Contracts Research Briefs July 13, 2018
Impact of Patient Mobility on Annuity/Performance-Based Contracting Research Briefs June 15, 2018
Orphan Reinsurer Benefit Managers (ORBMs) Research Briefs May 22, 2018
Impact of Actuarial Risk on Health Plans Research Briefs April 19, 2018
Designing Precision Financing for Cures Research Briefs March 15, 2018
The heterogeneity of health care payers suggests that durable therapies need precision financing targeted to each payer segment Research Briefs February 16, 2018
Payers Open to Innovative Financing Mechanisms for High Cost Gene Therapies Research Briefs December 15, 2017