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Innovating methods for planning, producing, and using real-world evidence LEAPS Research Briefs July 20, 2023
ISPOR 2023 Workshop Recap: “From Concept to Practice: How to Tactically Design a Feasible Outcomes-Based Contract in Oncology”  LEAPS News May 24, 2023
Symposium recap: Uncertainty Management in Drug Evaluations: From Evidence to Reimbursement & Clinical Use FoCUS, LEAPS News May 23, 2023
How an RWE Value-Based Infrastructure Could Enable Payment Innovation LEAPS
NEWDIGS Consortium Awarded Danaher Foundation Community Impact Grant News March 28, 2023
A practical approach for defining outcomes and thresholds for predictive healthcare algorithm development using real-world data LEAPS Whitepapers
Meet Marcelien Callenbach, FoCUS visiting research fellow FoCUS News, People February 20, 2023
Precision Reimbursement Roundtable Proceedings News, Whitepapers December 20, 2022
Health system innovation consortium NEWDIGS joins Tufts Medical Center News August 18, 2022
NEWDIGS welcomes Takeda Pharmaceuticals as a new collaborator in the LEAPS Project LEAPS News April 29, 2022
FoCUS Monthly Recap: April 2022 FoCUS News
LEAPS Monthly Recap: April 2022 LEAPS News
How can self-insured employers prepare for the portfolio impact of highcost gene therapies coming to market? FoCUS Research Briefs April 28, 2022
FoCUS Monthly Recap: February 2022 FoCUS News March 1, 2022
LEAPS Monthly Recap: February 2022 LEAPS News
LEAPS leadership news: Kay Larholt retires, Fotios Kokkotos joins LEAPS News February 28, 2022
FoCUS Monthly Recap: January 2022 FoCUS News January 31, 2022
LEAPS Monthly Recap: January 2022 LEAPS News
FoCUS Monthly Recap: December 2021 FoCUS News December 21, 2021
LEAPS Monthly Recap: December 2021 LEAPS News
LEAPS Monthly Recap: October 2021 LEAPS News November 1, 2021
FoCUS Monthly Recap: October 2021 FoCUS News
The NEWDIGS Initiative at MIT welcomes Flatiron Health as a new collaborator for the LEAPS Project FoCUS News October 29, 2021
Precision for Whom? Partnering with patients to ensure that Precision Medicine targets what matters LEAPS Research Briefs September 30, 2021
FoCUS Monthly Recap: September 2021 FoCUS News September 28, 2021
LEAPS Monthly Recap: September 2021 LEAPS News
Self-Insured Employers Workshop shares practical advice for covering cell and gene therapies FoCUS News September 27, 2021
NEWDIGS + National Pharmaceutical Council in Health Affairs: Medicaid Best Price Volatility Could Inhibit Payment Innovation News September 26, 2021
Upcoming book highlighting NEWDIGS Design Labs now available for pre-order FoCUS, LEAPS News
LEAPS seeking nominations for Predictive Outcomes Platform use case LEAPS News
Rebranding: Adaptive Reimbursement is now Precision Reimbursement FoCUS, LEAPS News
FoCUS Monthly Recap: June 2021 FoCUS News June 30, 2021
LEAPS Monthly Recap: June 2021 LEAPS News
LEAPS virtual Design Lab highlights growth of the project from design to action with Testbed activities LEAPS News
Dr. Kay Larholt speaks on USC panel “Measuring Real-World Effectiveness and Value” LEAPS News June 24, 2021
Emerging market solutions for financing and reimbursement of durable cell and gene therapies FoCUS Whitepapers June 16, 2021
Eric Small recognized with MIT Excellence Award News June 15, 2021
LEAPS Monthly Recap: May 2021 LEAPS News May 27, 2021
FoCUS Monthly Recap: May 2021 FoCUS News
CSL Behring joins NEWDIGS FoCUS Project FoCUS News
LEAPS hosts special Design Lab on COVID-19 Long-Haulers LEAPS News May 26, 2021
Paying for Cures Self-Insured Employers workshop in June FoCUS News March 26, 2021
FoCUS Monthly Recap: March 2021 FoCUS News March 25, 2021
LEAPS Monthly Recap: March 2021 LEAPS News
Payer perspectives on outcomes tracking for value-based payment arrangements (VBPs) FoCUS Research Briefs
Margaux Hall to co-lead Fit-for-Purpose RWE evaluation LEAPS News
Dr. Hans-Georg Eichler to co-author publication on RWE in personalized medicine access and reimbursement LEAPS News
Dr Gigi Hirsch hosts fireside chat at the MIT Sloan Healthcare and Bioinnovations Conference LEAPS News
Tsega Meshesha, MS joins as FoCUS Program Manager FoCUS News
The resource navigation challenges for patients and caregivers FoCUS Research Briefs January 29, 2021
Scipher Medicine is the latest NEWDIGS collaborator for the LEAPS Project LEAPS News January 28, 2021
Dr Hirsch and Dr Larholt invited to NAS workshop LEAPS News
FoCUS Monthly Recap: January 2021 FoCUS News January 1, 2021
The NEWDIGS Initiative at MIT welcomes Cerevel Therapeutics as a new collaborator on the LEAPS Project LEAPS News December 17, 2020
LEAPS Monthly Recap: December 2020 LEAPS News
FoCUS Monthly Recap: December 2020 FoCUS News
Downstream Innovation: Designing infrastructures and environments for real-world disease-focused learning LEAPS News November 3, 2020
FoCUS Monthly Recap: October 2020 FoCUS News
LEAPS Monthly Recap: October 2020 LEAPS News
Warranty Model: A potential precision financing solution for durable cell and gene therapies FoCUS Whitepapers October 30, 2020
Dynamic Dossier in the Cloud: A Sociotechnical Architecture for a Real-Time and Metrics-Based Data Tracking System with Gene and Cell Therapies as a Case Study FoCUS, LEAPS News October 28, 2020
NEWDIGS cohosts Virtual Design Labs on Efficacy to Effectiveness (E2E) and N-of-1 study design News October 20, 2020
IQVIA joins NEWDIGS Initiative at MIT LEAPS News August 27, 2020
FoCUS Monthly Recap: August 2020 FoCUS News
LEAPS Monthly Recap: August 2020 LEAPS News
Paying for Cures August 2020 virtual conference recap FoCUS News August 19, 2020
LEAPS Monthly Recap: July 2020 LEAPS News July 30, 2020
FoCUS Monthly Recap: July 2020 FoCUS News
Updated projection of US durable cell and gene therapies product-indication approvals based on December 2019 development pipeline FoCUS Research Briefs July 29, 2020
Stakeholder collaboration, the gateway to patient-centered care LEAPS News
NEWDIGS offers comment on CMS Proposed Rule supporting Value-Based Purchasing FoCUS News July 20, 2020
Tracking the CAR-T revolution: Analysis of clinical trials of CAR-T and TCR therapies for the treatment of cancer FoCUS Whitepapers June 25, 2020
FoCUS Monthly Recap: June 2020 FoCUS News
LEAPS Monthly Recap: June 2020 LEAPS News
Adaptive Reimbursement: Innovating for Patient Access and Better Outcomes for All FoCUS, LEAPS News June 23, 2020
LEAPS Monthly Recap: may 2020 LEAPS News May 29, 2020
FoCUS Monthly Recap: may 2020 FoCUS News
Special sessions announced for LEAPS Design Lab LEAPS News May 28, 2020
FoCUS Monthly Recap: April 2020 FoCUS News May 1, 2020
LEAPS Monthly Recap: April 2020 LEAPS News
FoCUS Project teams with the National Pharmaceutical Council (NPC) to explore Medicaid Best Price reforms FoCUS News April 30, 2020
W2O Named First Pioneer Site for MIT NEWDIGS Initiative LEAPS News
LEAPS Monthly Recap: March 2020 LEAPS News March 27, 2020
FoCUS Monthly Recap: March 2020 FoCUS News
Adaptive Reimbursement Innovation Unites NEWDIGS’s FoCUS and LEAPS Projects FoCUS, LEAPS News March 26, 2020
Cytel joins NEWDIGS Initiative at MIT as a Strategic Partner News March 23, 2020
Paying for Cures Workshop explores challenges faced by payers, and innovative solutions FoCUS News March 10, 2020
Downstream Innovation Part II LEAPS Research Briefs February 27, 2020
LEAPS Monthly Recap: February 2020 LEAPS News
FoCUS Monthly Recap: February 2020 FoCUS News
Downstream Innovation Part II: Real-World Discovery LEAPS to Life! LEAPS News
FoCUS Monthly Recap: January 2020 FoCUS News February 1, 2020
Impact of FDA Guidelines on Communication between Developers and Payers on Metrics in Performance-Based Agreements FoCUS Research Briefs January 22, 2020
Payer Perspectives on Reimbursement of One-Time High-Cost Durable Therapies FoCUS News January 9, 2020
Precision Financing challenges for solid tumor adoptive T-cell therapies FoCUS Research Briefs December 19, 2019
Fourth LEAPS Design Lab at MIT focuses on challenges and potential value of Real World Data and Evidence in rheumatoid arthritis learning ecosystem LEAPS News
LEAPS Monthly Recap: December 2019 LEAPS News December 12, 2019
FoCUS Monthly Recap: December 2019 FoCUS News
Making Cell and Gene Therapies Financially Accessible and Sustainable FoCUS News December 9, 2019
Downstream Innovation Part I LEAPS Research Briefs November 27, 2019
Tools for Implementation of Precision Financing Solutions Within Medicaid Plans FoCUS Whitepapers November 21, 2019
Advancing Healthcare through Innovation and Collaboration LEAPS Whitepapers November 6, 2019
Dr Gigi Hirsch speaks on Milken Institute Future Health Summit LEAPS News October 29, 2019
NEWDIGS welcomes new team members News October 21, 2019
Advancing Healthcare through Innovation and Collaboration LEAPS News
Payer Perspectives on Financing and Reimbursement of One-time High-cost Durable Treatments FoCUS Whitepapers October 11, 2019
Tracking Medicaid Coverage of Durable Cell and Gene Therapies FoCUS Research Briefs September 26, 2019
Transforming Real-World Evidence in Biomedical Innovation: Advancing the Design of Collaborative Disease-Focused Learning Ecosystems LEAPS Research Briefs
The Role of Stop-Loss Insurance and Reinsurance in Managing Performance-Based Agreements FoCUS Whitepapers September 16, 2019
State Insurance Regulations Regarding Benefit Design (Deductible and Co-Pay Waivers) FoCUS Research Briefs August 23, 2019
Baking the Cake: A decision driven framework for planning fit-forpurpose evidence across stakeholders LEAPS Research Briefs August 22, 2019
NEWDIGS hosts first Paying for Cures Workshop at MIT FoCUS News
NEWDIGS turns 10! FoCUS, LEAPS News July 26, 2019
LEAPS Design Lab at MIT advances work on Massachusetts-wide rheumatoid arthritis “learning engine” LEAPS News June 28, 2019
Arthritis Foundation joins NEWDIGS LEAPS Project LEAPS News June 26, 2019
Payer Perspectives Survey FoCUS Research Briefs
Gigi Hirsch speaks about Dynamic Dossier in the Cloud project at Sanofi LEAPS News June 11, 2019
American College of Rheumatology joins NEWDIGS LEAPS Project LEAPS News May 24, 2019
Massachusetts Pilot Disease Selection LEAPS Research Briefs
Pediatric Gene Therapy Launches FoCUS Research Briefs
The unsung public policy innovators paving the path to cures News May 10, 2019
Patient & Caregiver Themes Survey FoCUS Research Briefs March 21, 2019
Address: From Bigger Data to Smarter Evidence LEAPS News February 26, 2019
Preparing Patients and the Health System for Curative Therapies in the Pipeline FoCUS News February 22, 2019
MIT Releases New Policy and Practice Suggestions to Make Cures Accessible and Sustainable FoCUS News February 12, 2019
“Dynamic Dossier in the Cloud” to Transform Data Sharing, Starting with Federal Regulators LEAPS News January 30, 2019
Precision Financing Solutions for Durable / Potentially Curative Therapies FoCUS Whitepapers January 24, 2019
Incorporation of Value-Based Payment Agreements into the Calculation of Medicaid Drug Rebates FoCUS Research Briefs
Clinical trials and investment trends for novel CAR-T and TCR therapies FoCUS Research Briefs December 21, 2018
MIT LEAPS Design Lab Shapes Blueprint for Rheumatoid Arthritis Pilot in Massachusetts LEAPS News December 20, 2018
Model Contracts for Innovative Oncology Therapies FoCUS Research Briefs November 29, 2018
NPR: “A Search For New Ways To Pay For Drugs That Cost A Mint” FoCUS News November 14, 2018
Role of COE networks in curative cellular oncology therapies FoCUS Research Briefs September 21, 2018
FasterCures joins NEWDIGS Initiative at MIT as a Strategic Partner FoCUS News
FoCUS Research Team interviewed for article on Innovating Payment Models FoCUS News September 4, 2018
Designing financial solutions to ensure affordable access to cures FoCUS Whitepapers August 23, 2018
LEAPS Announces Disease Area for Pilot Project LEAPS News July 25, 2018
LEAPS project at MIT aims to pilot “learning ecosystem” for patient-centered biomedical innovation LEAPS News July 24, 2018
FoCUS responds to HHS “Blueprint” Request for Information FoCUS News July 16, 2018
Stop-Loss Insurance or Reinsurance for Multiyear Contracts FoCUS Research Briefs July 13, 2018
Impact of Patient Mobility on Annuity/Performance-Based Contracting FoCUS Research Briefs June 15, 2018
Orphan Reinsurer Benefit Managers (ORBMs) FoCUS Research Briefs May 22, 2018
PPD, Evidera join NEWDIGS Initiative at MIT as a Strategic Partner FoCUS, LEAPS News
NEWDIGS in the world, May 2018 FoCUS News May 21, 2018
NEWDIGS leaders speak at second LIGHT Forum on technology innovation in healthcare News May 9, 2018
Precision Financing strategies explored in FoCUS Design Lab FoCUS News April 25, 2018
Impact of Actuarial Risk on Health Plans FoCUS Research Briefs April 19, 2018
FoCUS Project: Recent International Event Highlights (April 2018) FoCUS News April 4, 2018
Designing Precision Financing for Cures FoCUS Research Briefs March 15, 2018
The heterogeneity of health care payers suggests that durable therapies need precision financing targeted to each payer segment FoCUS Research Briefs February 16, 2018
Interview with Mark Trusheim for ADAPT SMART FoCUS News February 9, 2018
Payers Open to Innovative Financing Mechanisms for High Cost Gene Therapies FoCUS Research Briefs December 15, 2017
Massachusetts to Pioneer Next Generation Healthcare Innovation Ecosystem to Better Serve Patients LEAPS News December 12, 2017
MIT NEWDIGS Design Lab advances work on curative treatment financing strategies FoCUS News October 30, 2017
Gigi Hirsch and Hans-Georg Eichler featured in MGH’s Proto Magazine News October 5, 2017
Next Wave Forum LEAPS News August 31, 2017
Mark Trusheim featured on Bloomberg News News
MIT NEWDIGS Hosts Design Lab on Efficacy to Effectiveness (E2E) data and decision-making News July 21, 2017
AI and machine learning key enablers of healthcare value, expert panel says News May 26, 2017
MIT NEWDIGS Hosts Design Lab on New Gene and Oncology Therapy Financing Models FoCUS News May 12, 2017
Dr Gigi Hirsch and John Glasspool to speak at LIGHT Forum News May 11, 2017
Hilary Malone joins MIT NEWDIGS Executive Committee News May 10, 2017
MIT NEWDIGS Hosts Design Lab on Clinical Trial Innovation News February 28, 2017
Kay Larholt joins MIT NEWDIGS as Director of Integrated Knowledge Solutions News January 20, 2017
OpEd: Mark Trusheim & Peter B. Bach on How the US Can Beat Hepatitis C News January 17, 2017
Special Issue of Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics spotlights Adaptive Biomedical Innovation News December 16, 2016
NEWDIGS convenes healthcare leaders to pioneer new pharmaceutical financing strategies FoCUS News October 27, 2016
European Rare Diseases advocate EURORDIS joins as NEWDIGS member News July 1, 2016
Gigi Hirsch with Alberto Grignolo on DIA Global Forum Podcast: “An Urgent Imperative Now to Learn Quickly” News January 17, 2016
Mark Trusheim featured in Nature News Article: Financing Cures FoCUS News June 8, 2015
MIT’s NEWDIGS Launches New Program in Healthcare Data News January 12, 2015
Adaptive pathways: a future approach to bring new medicines to patients? News December 12, 2014
NICE announces collaboration with NEWDIGS News November 21, 2014
Catalyzing the Transformation of Healthcare Innovation Whitepapers January 25, 2010
Drug Safety Futures 2020 Whitepapers May 25, 2009